The 10 Biggest and Most Common IT Problems Plaguing Businesses Today

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Technology is great…when it works. When it doesn’t work, you’re stuck dealing with common technology problems that are causing you more downtime than they rightfully should.

If this sounds like an all-too-common situation that you (as a business owner/operator) have also found yourself in, you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t mean you need to accept frequent and recurring work-stopping IT issues as the norm.

Downtime due to technology issues in the business world, like for instance due to failing tech or slow internet, can cost companies potentially thousands per day.

Naturally, this figure is dependent on the size of your business, but still, there’s always a cost to every second of lost productivity, and you could be avoiding the curse of slow performance if you had an MSP by your side who already knew about the most common problems with IT that businesses often face.

To help you with that, this blog is going to take you on a guided tour through the 10 most common IT problems that thousands of businesses face on a daily basis, followed by what you can do to mitigate or outright avoid these problems altogether.


The 10 Most Common IT Problems Businesses Face Every Day (and How to Avoid or Mitigate Them)

As one might expect, the recent advent of working remotely for many businesses has precipitated a rise in recurring IT problems that grind employee productivity down to a screeching halt.

From buggy software applications to ill-prepared support services, large and small businesses alike are living each day in fear of seeing the dreaded blue screen of death threatening to ruin their day.

But here, we discuss the most common IT problems real businesses are dealing with on a day-to-day basis, and what you can do to ensure they don’t happen to you.


1. Downtime Due to Slow Internet/Performance Issues

When your network is running slowly, this can directly impact everything from the applications you use to communicate with customers and clients, to the tools that are needed for internal communication or collaboration among employees.


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As such, it’s important to implement effective solutions that will help prevent performance-related downtime in your business such as:

  • IT support services
  • Network monitoring & maintenance
  • Network redundancy measures
  • Patch management services
  • Etc.


2. Data Loss and Corruption

Whether due to IT accidents or malicious attacks like ransomware, data loss and corruption are some of the most stressful problems businesses face when it comes to their technology.

However, there are steps you can take as a business owner to protect against these risks through regular data backups, disaster recovery plans, data encryption, and other measures.


3. Security Weakness and Vulnerability

In the age of hackers and cyber criminals, it’s essential that your business has robust cyber security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or attacks on sensitive data.

Mitigating these security risks can include everything from implementing strong passwords and two-factor authentication for all accounts to taking advantage of AV, EDR, MDR, XDR and other tools to protect against a wide range of threats.


4. Hardware Failures

From computer crashes to server malfunctions, hardware failures are often one of the quickest ways for an IT problem to cause widespread downtime in your business.

Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to help mitigate these risks through regular maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting of your hardware systems, hardware warranties, and manufacturer support contracts with 4-hour response for critical cases.


5. Cloud Connectivity Issues

While cloud computing has revolutionized the way we work, collaborate, and communicate as businesses today, it can still be a source of common technology problems if you’re not properly connected to your cloud services.

As such, MSPs and IT professionals can help ensure that your business is properly connected to all its critical cloud tools and applications.


6. Network Interruptions or Failures

Broadly speaking, network outages are what result when your entire infrastructure isn’t functioning due to hardware failures or other technical issues.

However, to help prevent these common IT problems in your business you can ensure that your network is kept up-to-date, optimized, and well-monitored at all times.


7. Problems with Software Updates

Software updates are crucial for keeping your systems and applications running smoothly, but they can also cause problems if not handled correctly.


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That’s why it’s important to work with an IT professional or MSP who understands how to appropriately manage software updates in your business without disrupting workflows or causing other unwanted issues in the process.


8. Issues Due to Human Error

While many common IT problems are caused by technical errors or failures, some of them can be the result of simple human error as well.

Whether it’s an accidental keystroke that causes a document to get accidentally deleted, or a mistake made by an employee who inadvertently shared sensitive information with the wrong person, it’s important to have processes, versioning and data backups in place that can help prevent these types of issues from occurring and restore any lost or corrupted data.


9. Difficulty Managing and Integrating Multiple Devices

In today’s always-connected world, it’s essential for businesses to be able to effectively manage and integrate all the different devices, applications, and tools they need across their organization. However, this can sometimes be a challenge due to outdated or inefficient systems or tools that don’t work well together.

By working with an MSP who can help you, you can rest assured that they will help you implement standard solutions and best practices that will enable seamless integration and management of your various technology assets.


10. Difficulty Finding the Right IT Solutions for Your Needs

Finally, one of the biggest challenges with technology is finding the right tools and solutions to fit your business’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for an advanced security system or a robust collaboration platform, it can be difficult to know where to start when searching for the best options available.

By working with an experienced MSP or IT professional with operations and industry experience, however, you can be certain they will find the right combination of technology solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Common IT Problems


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