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Get 24/7 IT Support and Put an End to Crippling IT Surprises

Is IT downtime derailing your company’s productivity?

Our IT Support experts will assess your current IT needs and deploy technology that meets your business goals and budget.

  • Same Day Issue Response: Our helpdesk will pick up your call immediately & trigger a response to your issue via a local IT engineer who knows your environment in 1 hour.
  • Cut Downtime Across All IT Assets: We’ll automate patches, malware detection, backups, & more to keep all of your systems running without the need for manual intervention.
  • Shield Your Data: By leveraging our enterprise-grade tools, security, training, monitoring and business continuity systems.
  • Flatten IT Costs Without Sacrificing Capability: We’ll find efficiencies & cost-savings across your systems so that your costs reduce over time while improving performance and team productivity.

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Our Clients

Our Clients



IT Support Services

24/7 IT Support
Cloud Support
Network Support
Onsite Support
Remote Support
Technical Support

24/7 IT Support

Our help desk/tech support teams are based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We support small and medium-sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga and nearby areas, such as Hamilton, as well as virtually across Canada.

Cloud Support

Our cloud IT support services include migration and management services. Our cloud services also cover Azure set-up, maintenance, backups, DevOps, and database administration. We can also help transition assets hosted on-prem to the cloud.

IT Infrastructure Support

We approach IT infrastructure support projects by looking for the root cause of issues. Our goal isn’t to blindly replace systems; rather, we’ll look at improving existing systems so that you save time and money.

IT Maintenance and Support

Our IT maintenance and support services help clients eliminate volatile month-to-month IT spending by moving to a flat, per-user rate.

IT Network Support

In addition to leveraging Fortinet and other industry-leading tools for security, our IT network support services will help you maintain high uptime levels and performance.

Onsite IT Support

We can provide onsite IT support at stadiums and sports centres, new offices, and other types of locations across North America.

Remote IT Support Services

Remote IT support is built into our managed package. Our engineers can support any of your teams (even outside of the GTA) at a time that’s convenient to them. Our IT remote support connections are also secure.

Technical IT Support

From the moment you call into our help desk, you’ll get Tier-2 IT technical support engineers & IT consultants on the line.

This ensures that you’re speaking to someone who understands your environment & issues from the start with no time lost to late escalations.

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What Makes Fusion Computing’s IT Support Different?

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Of IT Support Experience in Cyber Security, Compliance, & Infrastructure.
We’ve done IT support work for 150+ companies (& rising).
Issues Resolved on the First Call.
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Cut Downtime Across All IT Assets with Our IT Support Services

We take proactive steps to prevent downtime across your networks, devices, servers, and all other IT assets through:

  • 24/7 monitoring and response to events;
  • automated patching;
  • malware detection;
  • real-time alerts;
  • automatic remediation;
  • and automated back-ups.

With our managed IT services & IT support you’ll never need to take your in-house IT people off strategic projects or force them into work on weekends or holidays.

We Guarantee Our SLAs

We’ll assign a dedicated IT support expert with more than 10 years of experience to your account.

We do this to ensure that our IT Outsourcing services meet all of our SLAs. This gives you total confidence in your IT system so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

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Protect Your Data from Cyber Threats

Mitigate the risk of malware attacks and data breaches by using industry-leading tools (such as Fortinet, Knowbe4 and Crowdstrike) to get 24/7 monitoring and response capabilities.

We’ve never had a single cyber or data breach at Fusion or at any of our clients – your business can expect the same level of quality.

Our IT support experts will configure your network and assets to ensure that your system works both optimally and securely.

You’ll have peace of mind across your network with regular assessments, penetration testing, and compliance testing.

Control IT Spending

Leverage our flat-rate pricing model to make your IT costs predictable with a consistent monthly operating expense.

Under our Co-Managed IT model, we’re not just reacting to IT problems as they come up. We’ll work to find efficiencies so that our IT solutions cut long-term IT costs.

You’ll get support for executive buy-in and assistance in getting the most out of a limited budget.

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IT Support

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