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If you own a small business, you may not have sufficient resources to hire a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Fortunately, you can still get the services of a CIO without necessarily having him/her physically in your office like the rest of your employees. Consider the option of virtual CIO services (vCIO) by a reliable IT services provider.

Remember that information is among the most important company assets. Do not delegate the information duties to your onsite IT staff. The truth is they will try their best to manage the information sector, but given the daily duties, they will not allocate much time to it. This is exactly why you need virtual CIO services.

What Is A Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

To understand what a vCIO is, it is important to know the roles of a CIO.

A CIO is in charge of the strategic planning and incorporation of technology into the business. He or she knows your business well and always comes up with improvement strategies. The CIO is in charge of the IT department and aims at product success and technology optimization. The role of a CIO does not stop because technology is always growing and you will not necessarily address future problems with today’s solutions.

Thus, a vCIO is simply an outside consultant or company that you hire to perform the roles of a CIO and other IT services.

Here are some of the benefits of having a virtual CIO in your business:

In-House IT Foresight and Expertise

A vCIO is the perfect choice for your business if you are facing budget constraints. In fact, when you hire one, you will get the services of a highly-qualified and experienced IT expert for all of your IT consulting needs. A vCIO is almost the same as having an in-house CIO. The only difference is that it costs much less than a fully-paid in-house employee. Hiring a vCIO makes it possible for your business to have the expertise of a top-level IT expert to give your IT department the expertise to run efficiently and lead your business to a new level of productivity.

Planning For Security and Disaster Recovery

Most companies never think of security and disaster recovery until a disaster happens, e.g. the systems have broken down or your computer room has flooded. A virtual CIO gets ahead of such events and protects your company from possible data loss and downtime.

Interpretation of Information

A virtual CIO ensures that the company understands the information being generated so it does not become a waste of company resources.

Offering Technological Foresight and Experience

A virtual CIO assesses the technological needs of the company and helps in making crucial technical decisions such as cloud backup or the implementation of an instant messaging platform.

Offering Expert Evaluation and Strategic Direction

A virtual CIO stands a better position at evaluating and assessing the network, even pinpointing any possible risks such as information security and regulatory compliance. The vCIO is also able to create a clear line of defense and even give recommendations that will keep your business up and running even in the event of a disaster.

Data Integration and Migration

Since information grows fast, virtual CIO services can help you share and transfer data more effectively.

Other benefits of having a vCIO include:

  • Cost reduction
  • 24/7 specialized expertise
  • Technology roadmap
  • Round the clock system monitoring

A Long-Term IT Plan To Meet the Needs of Your Business

While a vCIO will work with you like an in-house member of your IT department, it is simply an external consultant for your company. As an outsider, a vCIO will bring new perspectives to your IT department and give your IT plan a fresh look. It will thoroughly assess your computer networks, evaluate your data and backup systems, assess potential security risks, and take inventory of your IT assets. Once a vCIO has tabled the critical insights of the various elements that make up your IT department, your business will be matched with a comprehensive IT plan to optimize your business operations.

A vCIO will expose critical issues that an in-house IT team would have missed and set your IT department to run at optimum.  Thus, your business will benefit from a proactive approach to resolving technical and budget issues in your IT department and save you hefty costs that come with “break-and-fix” resolution of problems when they occur. You will also benefit from reduced downtime hours since having a proactive IT plan resolves IT problems before they surface.

Are you in need of vCIO Services?

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