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Virtual CIO Services 

Get tactical IT recommendations and long term strategic IT forecasts to help you overcome current and future challenges.

Our Virtual CIO Services

Our Toronto IT Company serves as an IT strategic alignment partner to streamline your firm’s IT workflows and bring your long-term vision to life. 

IT forecasting: We’ll work with internal stakeholders to calculate future IT needs and prevent costly errors.

IT budgeting: We’ll drive efficiencies by automating processes and help you get more value from your IT spend.

Business consulting: We act as an extension of your business with technology roadmaps, project management, and vendor oversight.

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Why Should You Choose Our Virtual CIO Consulting Services?

Unparalleled Experience

Get recommendations based on best practices in your industry from CIOs with 20 years’ experience in your space. 

Proactive Mindset

Find and fix hidden technical issues before they become expensive problems that spring up as you grow your business.

Minimal Disruption 

New technologies are planned and deployed around your business operations, so updates result in no noticeable disruption.

Cost Savings

Pinpoint efficiency bottlenecks across your vendors and procedures, and free up resources to spend elsewhere. 

Build Technology Strategies and Clear Roadmaps

Put an end to wasteful and haphazard IT spending. Get a comprehensive understanding of where you need to be and the IT tools necessary to get you there. 

Get vCIO Services When You Need Them

When there’s an IT issue, your business can’t afford lengthy delays as you troubleshoot symptoms. 

Our team knows where to look the moment we spot the smoke signals of an IT issue.  

Let’s put an end to the guesswork, and get real problems solved for the long term.

Our Service Deliverables


Average reduction in IT issues after 7 months of virtual cio managed services.


Average cost reductions as a result of our virtual cio consulting.

20 years

Average years of experience per CIO at Fusion.

What Is A Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

The Role of a vCIO

Let’s first start by breaking down the benefits of hiring a CIO for business owners.
A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is in charge of the strategic planning and incorporation of technology into the business. He or she knows your business well and always comes up with improvement strategies.
The CIO is in charge of the IT department and aims at product success and technology optimization.
While a vCIO will work with you like an in-house member of your IT department, they are simply an external consultant from an IT support or consulting firm that offers vcio services.

As an outsider, a vCIO will bring new perspectives to your IT department and give your IT plan a fresh look. 

They will thoroughly assess your computer networks, evaluate your data and backup systems, assess potential security risks, and take an inventory of your IT assets. 

A vCIO will expose critical issues that an in-house IT team would have missed and set your IT department to run at optimum.

A virtual CIO ensures that your company understands the information being generated across your IT systems. 

Hundreds or even thousands of data points paint a telling picture of your IT systems, and highlight exactly how impending problems need to be addressed. 

A vCIO ensures that your data collection efforts don’t go to waste, and that actionable insights are derived from your IT.

Once a vCIO has tabled the critical insights of the various elements that make up your IT department, you’ll receive a comprehensive IT plan that aligns to current and future needs. 

From small business budget constraints to the complex interconnected needs of large sized businesses – a detailed IT strategic plan supports your business by orienting vital technology investments. 

You will benefit from a proactive approach to resolving technical and budget challenges while aligning information technology goals and objectives to business objectives.

A vCIO is the perfect choice for your business if you are facing budget constraints. 

A vCIO is almost the same as having an in-house CIO. The only difference is that it costs much less than a fully-paid in-house employee. 

While cutting direct staffing costs, the vCIO will leverage best practices across your industry to give your IT department the business processes to run efficiently and match or exceed the technology efforts of similar competitors in your space.

Most companies never think of security and disaster recovery until a disaster happens, e.g. the systems have broken down or your computer room has flooded. 

A virtual CIO knows where to look for evaluating and assessing the network, and pinpointing any possible risks such as information security and regulatory compliance. 

The vCIO is also able to create a clear line of defense and give recommendations that will keep your business up and running in the event of a disaster.

Too many tools and technologies can balloon your costs and confuse your operations, but too few can put you operationally  behind the competition. 

A virtual CIO assesses the technological needs of the company and helps in making crucial technology decisions such as cloud deployments or the implementation of a company wide instant messaging platform.

You’ll get advice on which technology to deploy, and exactly how you should do it.