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Virtual CIO & Managed IT Services for Toronto

Thanks to our IT support services in Toronto we can help you align your IT strategy and equipment needs with your business goals. Also, we can assist you with your day-to-day operational needs.

Wi-Fi event rentals

Fusion’s IT Services in Toronto quietly puts a professional face on your event with its Wi-Fi rental services. Contact us to learn more about this unique offering.

Point-to-point Internet services

A specialized Fusion offering, our managed IT services can implement point to point wireless to support your backup service demands and connectivity challenges.

Hosted Email

Fusion offers IT support through hosted email services and cloud email from a variety of vendors including Microsoft, Google and Sherweb.

Fusion Computing Limited

We’re a local Managed IT Services provider based in Toronto since 2008. And we offer the full range of IT services and IT support for your business.
We provide managed IT services and IT consulting for large companies to solve the most complex technology problems.

The challenges of managing your own technology in-house can be a serious distraction from your real goal: Managing your business.

Awesome Partners

Dell Partnerdirect

Dell Partnerdirect

This certification means Fusion can offer our clients Dell wholesale pricing and that our technical team has access to complete Dell escalation support.

Microsoft Canada Certified Sales Manager

Microsoft Canada Certified Sales Manager

As a certified sales manager of the world’s most respected and well-known technology company, the Fusion team offers our clients the complete line of Microsoft enterprise products.

HP Infrastructure Partner

HP Infrastructure Partner

Our clients benefit from our ability to provide wholesale pricing, as well as from our specialized access to both pre sale and post sale technical resources.

Cisco Internetworking Partner

Cisco Internetworking Partner

Cisco certifications are one of the most respected credentials in the industry. Fusion Computing is certified to design complete Cisco networking solutions, as well as provide complete support, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

A Few Of Our Happy Managed IT Services Customers in Toronto

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