The 6 Best MSP Help Desk Benefits for Businesses

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Help Desk Benefits


If you own or run a business, chances are you’re dependent on information technology, in some capacity. With 44% of large enterprises planning to accelerate their digital transformation in the coming years, it seems IT dependency is only getting stronger.

To help manage their constant IT demands, many businesses rely on an outsourced managed service provider to run their IT infrastructure (from cybersecurity to hardware procurement, long term strategy and everything in between), especially those who provide an IT help desk or service desk.

But what is an outsourced helpdesk? What do they do, and why does your business need one?

In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know about IT help desk benefits. You’ll get insight into the power of an outsourced service desk and how, when coupled with a dedicated managed service provider contract, it can drastically reduce costly downtime as a result of IT breakdowns and issues.

What is an Outsourced Helpdesk?

An IT helpdesk – an outsourced one specifically – is an expert resource center created for the sole purpose of assisting users with IT-related problems.

Also sometimes referred to as a service desk, an IT helpdesk (as supplied by a managed IT services provider) is essentially a dedicated customer service resource that helps solve IT issues remotely.

When a user needs help with an IT issue, they create a service ticket via phoning the call center, sending an email, contacting their dedicated agent or using an online customer support chat feature.

Often boasting lightning-fast response times, one or several desk agents assist the user until their issue is resolved, sometimes dispatching a live technician (if the specific issue requires such action).

Typically, this type of outsourced, remote and dedicated support team is more effective and efficient than an in-house internal team because it’s staffed by a team of qualified experts whose sole function is to provide quality service and fast resolution times.


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The Top 6 MSP Help Desk Benefits for Businesses in 2022

Whether you’re considering local or global help desk services, it helps to know exactly what benefits these convenient support services can provide to your business or organization.

Here are the six biggest benefits of help desk outsourcing services for businesses in 2022.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

When employees no longer need to stop working for hours at a time due to unforeseen (or even recurring) IT issues, productivity and efficiency always see a missive swing in an upwards trending direction.

This is especially true if you run a large organization that operates in multiple time zones or 24/7, because many help desks also operate on a 24/7 schedule.

That means your business can get help desk support whenever you need it, drastically reducing potential downtime and lost productivity, thanks to a dedicated IT support service.

Higher Employee Morale

There’s no denying that when recurring or unexpected IT problems arise, it’s fairly common to cause irritation, annoyance and frustration to the people who know how to deal with them.

Being able to speak with an expert help desk team in a matter of minutes, and also getting the issue resolved in a timely manner, is the perfect balm to the ills of IT breakdown blues.

As a result, having a dedicated outsourced help desk on your side creates less frustration and more upbeat personnel.

Having an In-Person Option Available

Of the many help desk benefits, contracting one that offers the option to quickly dispatch an on-site technician to resolve any serious issues is one of the best.

Many offer same-day (or even same-hour) service, which means even having hardware replaced, repaired or otherwise fixed.

MSP Help Desk Benefits for Businesses

Freeing Up Employees to Focus on Real Work

If you operate a small to medium sized business, it’s very likely that you’ve been handling IT problems in-house, or even yourself.

For those not familiar with the ins and outs of information technology, dealing with recurring or unexpected issues can be a huge time waster! IT can eat up hours, if not days, of employee time.

This often leads to a staggering loss of productivity and even a loss of business.

When you’ve got a dedicated help desk at your side, packed to the brim with qualified experts who can help you at a moment’s notice, both your time and that of your employees gets freed up, allowing you to stay focused on the real work and keep your competitive edge.

Access to Trained Experts for Those Really Big IT Problems

When your network experiences a data breach, ransomware attack or a catastrophic event, having your nephew who’s “good with computers” flicking the router switch on and off, just isn’t going to cut it.

One of the largest help desk outsourcing benefits is having near-unfettered access to top-tier IT experts who can pull your business out of the heat when it finds itself in the proverbial hot water.

An outsourced help desk can help you recover lost data, repel an attack and even strengthen your defenses for next time.

Truly, having a dedicated help desk by your side is a resource you just can’t go without.

Industry-Specific Experience Can Give You an Edge

Many outsourced managed service providers have first hand experience across a broad range of industry categories.

Perhaps your business is financial in nature? Or perhaps it’s a large agricultural wholesaler? Or maybe you run a quaint up-and-coming bake shop?

Whatever your industry, if your IT provider is experienced in that particular realm, they’ll be able to offer you unique solutions to your IT problems, and even help you prevent known issues your industry is likely to come across.


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