Managed IT Services Toronto

We fully manage IT needs for small and medium sized businesses.

Are constant IT issues getting in the way of running your business?

Our Toronto managed IT services include monitoring your IT systems 24/7/365 to fix issues before you notice them, and upgrade your IT in the process.

  • Get IT issues fixed whenever they happen with 24/7/365 remote IT managed services and 1 hour response times for critical issues.
  • Solve issues the same day with Toronto/ Mississauga based engineers that know your systems inside-out from day one.
  • Reduce your costs over time as our IT managers find ways to automate processes across your business.
  • Put an end to recurring issues with regular audits, patching, backups, and system upgrades.
  • Free up your team to work on mission critical projects while we take on time/resource intensive tasks.
  • Make your IT costs predictable with one flat-rate monthly fee that covers everything you need.

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Our Clients

Our Clients



Our Toronto Managed IT Services & Support include:

Remote Service Desk

Get help the moment you need it from our Toronto IT Help Desk service. No part of our team is outsourced, so you get fast and reliable tech support without needing to spend hours explaining your problems on the phone.

You get instant access to Tier-2 support agents – so you’re not wasting time explaining things to a rookie who then needs to re-explain the problem to someone else.

Field Tech Services

If your problem can’t be fixed remotely, we’ll deploy technicians  from one of our local field teams across the country. Whether it’s a standard cabling job, or recovering from a disaster – you’ll have access to our Toronto IT support teams.

Managed Cloud Services

Get help with migrations, backups, disaster recovery plans, and managing the day to day operations and admin of your cloud. We’ll take care of the daily work, and keep your costs low so you get the most of what cloud has to offer.

Infrastructure Management

Get your current network audited and optimized to reduce recurring issues, and bring costs down without massive spending on new hardware.

Network Support

Secure the data and maintain 99.999% uptime levels with our managed security services and proactive monitoring and management of your network and data center. Learn more about our network support service.

Device Management

Get all of your tech – from laptops to printers – managed and supported. Even if you run a BYOD office, we’ll keep your data secure, fix device issues, and handle lifecycles and replacement schedules.

Software License Management

Most businesses have to manage hundreds of software licenses, and things can fall through the cracks. We’ll map all your software, cut wasted spending, and ensure the entire team is working off the same systems.

Application Managed Services

Keep your critical software running smoothly with hardware and software level support. We’ll manage everything from patching and bug fixes, to software enhancements and integrations so your team get the most out of their software.

Our Numbers

What Makes Our Toronto Managed Services Provider Different?

11+ Years
Your IT is managed by a senior technician with over a decade of experience.
6 Minute
Average response time for tech support requests.
Average reduction of IT issues after 90 days with Fusion Computing
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What You Get with Our Toronto Managed IT Services

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Get IT Issues Fixed Whenever They Happen

IT issues slow down your entire company, and force your team to jump into troubleshooting instead of working on critical projects.

You shouldn’t have to lose hours or even days of productivity every time something in your IT breaks down.

When you call Fusion Toronto IT managed services provider (MSP), your service desk ticket gets a response within 6 minutes, and 93% of issues are resolved in under 1 hour.

Your toughest problems will get fixed on the same day, with our in-house tech support services team of hardware and software experts who are local to the Toronto area.

Solve Issues The Same Day

Get your IT, business continuity and cyber security issues resolved without needing to spend hours on the phone with tech support explaining problems and waiting for troubleshooting.

We’ll put a senior technician in charge of your IT as a lead project manager – so when things go down, you deal with one person who is completely familiar with your systems.

Once you call, your job is done. Your technician at Fusion Computing Toronto IT managed services provider will handle everything with a team in-house, and you’ll never have to wait for a 3rd party to “schedule you in”.

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managed it services Toronto

Put An End To Recurring Issues

Most of the time, you’re stuck fixing issues that keep popping up because something in your network isn’t up to par.

We’ll audit your entire network, and proactively find and provide IT solutions that fix the root causes of recurring issues and downtime.

Most clients see a 58% drop in IT issues after their first 90 days with Fusion Computing Toronto MSP.

Meanwhile, tracking systems flag upcoming problems in your network, and we resolve them before you notice anything.

Reduce Your Costs Over Time

Like most businesses, there are hundreds of manual processes across your company that quietly drain your budgets and create a lot of busywork.

Your IT manager works with business consultants at Fusion Computing to implement automations that eliminate manual processes across your company.

After a few months of IT outsourcing, you’ll save hundreds of hours across your admin, customer support, sales, and other departments with optimizations that you probably thought only enterprises could deploy.

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Free Up Your Team

Get your in-house team focused on critical projects, not day to day system administration.

We’ll manage everything from applications and system design, to network infrastructure administration and budgeting – so your in-house teams can start working on the business, not just keeping things running.

If you don’t have any in-house IT people, then we’ll handle everything right up to IT strategy and help you keep your team working on the business while the IT is taken care of.

Make Your IT Costs Predictable

You’ll get fully costed short, and long term IT budgets with recommendations for hardware and software purchases that align to your business goals and objectives.

Your managed IT services and IT consulting from Fusion Computing come in one flat monthly fee that covers everything you need.

No more surprise expenses from IT. Just peace of mind and a clear picture of how costs will change in the future – it’s everything you’ve been asking for.

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Fusion Computing

Toronto Managed IT Service Provider

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What are Managed IT services?
What does a typical Managed IT services provider do?
What’s included in a typical managed IT services plan?
How much do Managed IT services cost?

What are Managed IT services?

Managed IT services are provided by specialized firms whose core expertise is in IT services management. The end result is that you are able to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and ensure your systems are all secure. This is all done for a flat monthly fee based on the number of users you have in your company and so you gain predictable and scalable IT management through your provider.

What does a typical Toronto Managed IT services provider do?

Managed Service providers can offer managed or co-managed services. In most cases the majority of all the IT support is outsourced to the provider, and the Toronto Managed service provider (MSP) makes sure that IT issues are handled 24 hours a day. You will also be able to rely on them to ensure that your systems  and software are all secured to prevent hacks and other cyber threats from causing loss or downtime.

What’s included in a typical managed IT services plan?

You can expect that a Managed IT services provider will cover IT system support , IT system deployment, administration of all users, helpdesk & tech user support, monitoring and reporting of IT systems and networks, managed security services, training and ongoing quarterly business reviews to ensure management are aligned with the technology roadmaps of the organization.

How much do Managed IT services cost?

Managed IT services pricing varies widely depending on the scope of your needs.  If you have a complex IT setup and requirements, then your fees might be higher.  Most often the pricing is based on a price per month based on the number of users you have in your company as well as the total services and other IT elements in your office.  Typically the range is $30 to $275 per user per month.  Here’s a link to our blog on this topic

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