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Toronto Managed IT Services: The Benefits of Hiring an MSP

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Toronto

Let’s face it. Setting up, managing, and maintaining in-house IT infrastructure and network isn’t cheap. It could run into thousands of dollars a year. If you’re a small to mid-size enterprise (SME) owner with a lean budget and inadequate capacity, here’s how managed IT services could help your business.

No Costly Infrastructure

Going the managed IT services way reduces capital expenditures associated with in-house IT services. You won’t have to buy expensive hardware (computers, backup drives, and networking equipment) or a data center. The managed service provider (MSP) will take care of that. So you not only get to save on costly hardware and licensing or training, but you will be able to channel your energies on other areas that bring revenue to your business. Your services will be streamlined and managed by one provider.

Access to Skilled and Certified IT Personnel

Another benefit of procuring managed services is that you won’t have to hire full-time employees. For a fraction of their monthly wages, you can get a certified, experienced, and talented IT support specialist, who can serve as your network administrator or IT manager. Your Toronto Managed IT Services Provider will recommend the best professional who will take charge of all matters IT.

Progressive Solutions and Proactive Approach

The IT landscape is dynamic. Because of this, you may have to re-train your employees every two to three years and keep tabs of changes. Your MSP always stays on top of the game. They not only monitor systems and respond to issues that could cause downtime, but they also keep pace with developments in the IT industry. Combine their proactive approach with a progressive team, and you’ll never have to worry about knee-jerk reactions to IT issues or play second fiddle to your competitors.

Be Compliant

IT laws and regulations are a gray area for many people. When you’re setting up IT systems or deploying solutions, you want to be sure that you’re fully compliant so that you don’t expose your customers to cyber risks. Your MSP can help you in this area by ensuring you implement the necessary changes and adhere to the best practices and standards.

Economy of Scale

As your enterprise grows, your IT support structure should also grow with it. A managed service provider can scale up your resources to meet your needs. It could be you want more storage space or more user accounts or more bandwidth or computers for new members of staff. Your MSP can support all these and much more during periods of growth.

Greater operational efficiency

Most SMEs hire IT pros for 40 hours a week. What happens when they’re out of the workstation or on leave? Who will monitor your networks, computers, and apps? With an MSP, that’s not going to be an issue at all. They have handy IT support specialists who can take care of problems whenever they arise, 24/7.

Enhanced security

Cybercrime costs organizations upwards of $600 million a year. That’s not pocket change. If you’re using outdated systems or can’t fight off threats from phishers and ransomware attacks, your business could suffer unbearable loss. An MSP will come in and evaluate your IT security. If there are loopholes or vulnerabilities, they will patch your software and systems.

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Fusion Computing embodies solid, professional and forward-thinking managed services and has been offering Toronto Managed IT services and support to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area since 2008. As a full service IT provider, Fusion Computing Limited specializes in virtual CIO and fully managed IT, 24/7 support and cloud services, as well as hosted email and cybersecurity management.

Fusion also offers several unique services including Wi-Fi event rentals and point-to-point Internet services. Our clients range across a variety of industries including sports, wholesalers, healthcare and many others.