Top Tech Companies in Toronto

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Toronto is a Canadian leader in the tech industry and is one of the best cities for tech jobs and services. Though the global investment in Toronto tech companies is not nearly as high as in Silicon Valley, investors still contributed $5.4 billion to Toronto tech start-ups last year because of their projected growth and lucrative profit potential.

Canada’s IT consulting outsourcing spend alone last year was approximately $11.9 billion.

Cloud services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting and similar solutions are undergoing rapid consumption by hungry Canadian organizations who want to remain ahead of the competitive corporate competition.

Canadian businesses are opting to outsource their IT management to a managed service provider (MSP) because of the predictable and lower costs they offer, as well as the guarantee of expert help. In fact, according to a report discussed in Businesswire,the proper deployment of managed services can help businesses reduce costs by 25%-45%.

If you’ve decided to join the trend and benefit from IT MSPs, there are several different technology companies you can choose from in Toronto.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Toronto tech companies you can outsource your IT to.


A Look at the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

The largest tech companies in Toronto take a client-centered approach and don’t only focus on managing your IT, but also helping you grow your business through their services.


1. Fusion Computing

Fusion computing is an IT managed service provider that offers services to SMBs — across a wide range of industries — with a growth-focused mindset.

This IT MSP has been offering services in the GTA and Hamilton for over a decade and offers a wide range of information technology solutions.

Fusion Computing is in the top Toronto tech companies because unlike most other MSPs, they combine both IT consulting with business consulting to optimize your organizational structure and budgets by mitigating your IT issues.

The services and benefits they offer include:

  • Service level agreements
  • Cloud Services (including cloud computing, cloud consulting, and cloud implementation and migration)
  • Network services (including network design, deployment, integration, monitoring, and security)
  • System monitoring services
  •  IT cybersecurity services (including threat detection, two-factor authentication, email security, and IT security auditing)
  • IT support services (both on-site and remote work and support as well as relocation services)
  • Backup and business continuity

Fusion Computing is easily one of the top tech companies in Toronto for organizations who want to harness technology to empower their business.

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2. MBC Managed IT Services

MBC is another one of the big tech companies in Toronto that focuses on offering IT solutions to businesses through essential information technology services.

The services they offer include:

  • Expert helpdesk
  • IT procurement
  • Incident management
  • Managed desktop and mobile
  • Cloud reach
  • Disaster recovery
  •  IT audits

If you’re looking for an MSP that can assist you with basic IT tasks, then MBC Managed IT services may be able to provide you with the help you require.


3. Carbon60

If you’re looking for Toronto technology companies that focus on strategic cloud consulting, then Carbon60 may be a good option. This MSP focuses its services on cloud design, migration, and management for businesses across Toronto.

Their goal is to help Canadian companies successfully operate in the cloud, and their services and tech professionals reflect this standard.

Their services include:

  • Cloud assessment
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud launchpad
  • Modernization
  • Compliance

Carbon60 does not offer comprehensive IT services, but if you are simply looking to enhance your cloud connectivity, then they may be a good option for you.


The Top 3 Features Business Owners Need to Look for in Toronto Technology Companies

The national average of Canadian business closures within the first five years of operation is around 50%.

Working with the right managed services provider can help prevent your business from losing customers and failing to thrive in the competitive technological market.

When choosing between top Toronto tech companies, certain features differentiate the best companies from those to avoid.

The best Toronto tech companies will offer these three features:


1. Service Level Agreements

Managed service providers confident in the quality and scope of their services often outline their support and services in a written agreement known as a service level agreement (SLA). Serving as a binding contract between both parties, SLAs describe the services being offered along with how and when those services will be delivered.

top tech companies in toronto


For a prospective business seeking IT support, SLAs provide significant peace of mind. Why?

Service level agreements provide a documented structure for how clients and vendors will work to meet mutual expectations. Moreover, SLAs are essential for establishing standard benchmarks and performance targets for MSPs to meet. Lastly, SLAs often define situations where MSPs cannot be held liable for service outages or IT-related performance issues.

For businesses aiming to minimize their risk with an IT service company, SLAs or SLOs (service level objectives) are an absolute must.


2. Experience and Skills

Managed service providers come with varying levels of experience, services, and skills. And while younger tech companies may increase peer base, experience warrants an edge by granting access to a network of individuals with first-hand experience of doing the work.

Additionally, MSPs with many years of experience often possess more reviews regarding the quality of a provider’s services. For business owners, this presents unique opportunities to learn how a vendor treats its clients and whether company cultures will mesh or collide.


3. Strong Growth Focus

The best MSPs have a knack for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Known for continually investing in new technologies, MSPs that embody a strong growth focus help businesses keep their infrastructure and core goals aligned throughout various growth phases.

Not to mention that a provider that’s on the cuff of the latest cutting-edge technologies can help organizations gain a competitive advantage by tapping into stronger, better technologies.

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