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Don’t Leave Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Identify and address IT vulnerabilities with one of the leading cyber security companies in Scarborough.

Why work with Fusion Computing for cyber security in Scarborough?

  • Get peace of mind with 24/7/365 managed cyber security solutions that offer ongoing protection for your systems.
  • Work with a proven team – none of our clients have suffered any breaches in over 10 years.
  • Prevent data loss with industry-leading information security solutions that encrypt your data at rest.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements with security teams that include Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.
  • Ensure organization-wide coverage from a full-service Scarborough cyber security team.

Outdated systems and unpatched software leave your business open to attack. Work with cyber security firms in Scarborough and safeguard your IT infrastructure.

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Businesses That Trust Us Over Other Scarborough Cyber Security Firms

Businesses That Trust Us Over Other Scarborough Cyber Security Firms



Enterprise-Level Security From One of the Top Cyber Security Companies in Scarborough

Managed Security Services
Security Audits
IT Security Audits
Network Access Security
Cloud Security Services
Security Architecture Planning
Penetration Testing
Security Awareness Training

Managed Security Services

We’ll ensure end-to-end coverage for your entire IT stack, from cyber security system design to everyday security operations.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

We provide real-time monitoring for your systems and catch issues instantly, offering more robust protection than you’ll find at other Scarborough IT security companies

IT Security Audits

Get visibility into your IT infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses with an expert information security analyst. Ensure complete protection for your security envelope with one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Scarborough.


Network Access Security

Protect your network from intrusion, unauthorized snooping, and breaches with our managed cyber security in Scarborough. We administer user access management, firewalls, security policies, and more.


Cloud Security Services

Safeguard business data and applications in the cloud against theft, unauthorized access, and accidental deletion. We’re one of the few cyber security companies in Scarborough that supports private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.


Security Architecture Planning

Gain market and cyber intelligence to make more informed decisions about your security apparatus. Our security experts will assess and optimize your infrastructure, helping you improve every process, layer, and policy in your IT stack.


Penetration Testing

Assess your security readiness and discover vulnerabilities in your systems with regular penetration testing. Our Scarborough cyber security company tests your IT against SQL injections, XSS attacks, malware infections, and more


Security Awareness Training

Give your employees the tools they need to identify and respond to threats. Get anti-phishing, infosec training, and practical security tips from one of the most experienced cyber security firms in Scarborough.


Our Numbers

Our Cyber Security in Scarborough, by the Numbers

Companies need tailored security solutions purpose-built by subject matter experts in computer science.

At Fusion, our security specialists bring 10+ of experience designing, managing, and improving security frameworks. Work with us and discover how our approach will give you an edge over other Scarborough cyber security firms.
Years providing cyber security in Scarborough
Support from one of the truly local Scarborough cyber security companies
Cyber security breaches at any of our clients

Protect Your Systems From Attack

Our cyber security solutions protect your IT environment as your company grows.

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Reduce the Risk of Data Loss

Deploy proven cyber security solutions when you work with one of the most technically capable cyber security companies in Scarborough.

Implement state-of-the-art security organization-wide with our Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) that other Scarborough IT security companies cannot match.

Make sure your business is never left unprotected – benefit from real-time threat identification (SIEM) and rapid incident response times.


Don’t Let Your Business Get Held at Ransom

Not every ransomware, malware, and hack can be prevented – but is your IT environment resilient enough to survive an attack?

Ensure business continuity with comprehensive disaster recovery strategies. Get peace of mind that sensitive data and applications are being regularly, automatically backed up.

Work with one of the most experienced Scarborough cyber security companies to prepare your business against any worst-case scenarios.

Scarborough Cyber Security
cyber security companies in Scarborough

Lower Security Risk Rating and Sail Through Audits

Minimize the stress of meeting HIPAA, NIST, PCI and other compliance standards.

Work with an information security officer to develop comprehensive frameworks that help you maintain compliance, vet vendors, and keep employees up-to-date.

Unlike other cyber security firms in Scarborough, we know that security isn’t a one-and-done project.

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