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Reduce Business Downtime With IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Get the expert help you need to resolve issues quickly with outsourced helpdesk support in Markham.

Why trust Fusion Computing for your IT Helpdesk in Markham?

  • Resolve IT disruptions with remote helpdesk services that are available 24/7.
  • Benefit from support that grows with your business by relying on tailored IT solutions and services.
  • Reduce the burden of your in-house help desk staff by outsourcing your IT to Fusion Computing.
  • Maintain total control of your IT budget with our flat fee for all SME IT needs.
  • Get help for complex IT problems from experienced on-site technicians.

Reduce downtime by relying on experienced technical support staff to monitor your systems 24/7 and address IT issues as soon as they appear.

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Businesses Resolve Problems With Our IT Help Desk Services in Markham

Businesses Resolve Problems With Our IT Help Desk Services in Markham

What Our Clients Say When They Outsource Their IT Help Desk to Us

What Our Clients Say When They Outsource Their IT Help Desk to Us

Outsource IT Help Desk Services to Full-Service IT Company

24/7 Remote Helpdesk Support
Remote Access Resolution
On-site Technical Support
Cloud Services Support
Ticket and Tracking
Priority Helpdesk Service
Software Application Support
Network Support
IT Procurement

24/7 Remote Helpdesk Support

Mitigate costly downtime by relying on our managed helpdesk staff to be available 24/7. We’ll troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues before they impact productivity.

Remote Access Resolution

Avoid the hassle of trying to troubleshoot a problem over the phone. Our remote access allows us to rapidly address IT issues.

On-site Technical Support

For complex IT problems we’ll dispatch a technician to your office, getting you back up and running quickly so you can focus on growing your business.

Cloud Services Support

Don’t wait on hold for large cloud partners to answer the phone. Our help desk technicians will answer the phone quickly to begin resolving your cloud-related issues.

Ticket and Tracking

Always know where you stand with our advanced ticketing system. With our help desk software, you’ll be able to see current progress, resolved issues, and ticket history.

Priority Helpdesk Service

Critical IT problems can have devastating effects on how your business runs. Through our escalation process, we can make sure your issues don’t impact your bottom line.

Software Application Support

You may experience software and SaaS related issues. Our experienced help desk staff will mitigate these problems quickly.

Network Support

Ensure that your network maintains maximum uptime, as well as speed and reliability with our network support services.

IT Procurement

Avoid incompatibility with your long-term goals by allowing our knowledge management team to procure new IT as needed and make sure it’s installed correctly

Our Numbers

Proven IT Helpdesk Support Services

25+ Years
Providing reliable IT help desk services
Issues resolved on the first call by our helpdesk services
2 Hour
Response time for onsite assistance in the GTA

Get Fast and Reliable Managed Helpdesk Services

Our technicians are ready to start troubleshooting your problem at a moment’s notice

Top Features of the Leading IT Helpdesk in Markham

IT Helpdesk services in Markham

Significantly Reduce Recurring Issues With Helpdesk Support Services

When it comes to your IT, there’s nothing worse than seeing the same problem pop up again and again.

For over a decade our managed IT services have been analyzing and logging these issues to the point where our clients see a 58% decrease in recurring problems within the first three months of utilizing our helpdesk services.

We accomplish this improvement through:

  • Proactive response to IT problems
  • AI and auto-remediation to solve the top 10K IT problems
  • Patch management
  • And more

Avoid costly downtime and increase user experience by relying on us to eliminate business-impacting issues and make you more productive.

Depend on Top Quality Outsourcing IT Services

Reliable Help Day or Night

There are many reasons to outsource your IT help desk support, but one of the most beneficial services is round-the-clock customer support.

Whether you have an in-house IT team or not, your company can benefit from having our experienced support team deal with the day-to-day problems you might face.

When an issue appears, you need reliable service desks offering 24/7 support for your business.

IT Helpdesk Support Markham
Markham IT Helpdesk Services

Rely On On-Site Support for Complex IT Issues

While we handle 93% of IT problems remotely on the first phone call, there are times when remote customer service just doesn’t cut it.

For these obstacles, we’ll dispatch a technician straight to your doorstep. Within two hours, our on-site support tech will arrive to start troubleshooting and resolving your problem quickly and efficiently.

Stay on Budget With Cost-Effective Solutions

Surprise IT problems can negatively impact your bottom line – especially if you use a managed services provider that charges for each incident.

At Fusion, we utilize a flat-rate pricing model to make it simple to anticipate costs.

Unlike break/fix services that surprise you with hidden fees, we help you manage your budget with predictable monthly IT support costs.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing
Fusion Computing

IT Helpdesk in Markham

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When it comes to your IT, there’s no room for subpar, reactive support services.

With 24/7 monitoring and a team of trained professionals standing by, we’ll proactively resolve your IT woes before they have a chance to impact your business.

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