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Protect Your Business From Online Attacks

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your IT environment with one of the leading cyber security companies in Markham.

Why do clients choose Fusion Computing over other cybersecurity companies in Markham?

  • Secure your IT environment with a company that has never had a cyber security breach in any client’s IT environment.
  • Ensure data and password safety with an IT company that doesn’t outsource its work.
  • Ensure compliance with a team of fully Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP).
  • Protect sensitive data through comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.
  • Prevent hackers from reading your data with scheduled data encryption, even when access controls fail.

Make sure your entire IT stack is secured by a team of technicians located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact Fusion Computing and find out how we can elevate your cyber security in Markham.

Even small data breaches have the potential to cost a business millions. Make sure your systems are protected by one of the best Markham cyber security firms.


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Clients That Choose Us For Their Markham Cyber Security Needs

Clients That Choose Us For Their Markham Cyber Security Needs

Why We Are the Trusted Markham Cyber Security Company

Why We Are the Trusted Markham Cyber Security Company

Top Quality Consulting Solutions and Cost-Effective Services

Managed Security Services
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
IT Security Audits
Vulnerability Assessments
Anti-Phishing Security Training
Network Access and Support
Cloud Services
Security Architecture Planning
Website Security

Managed Security Services

Sign up for our business enhancing security services and protect your entire IT stack. We take care of network security, data loss prevention, user training and more.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Get day-to-day protection for your IT environment with active monitoring and response to cyberattacks. Stop data theft and malware from creeping into your systems.

IT Security Audits

Discover gaps and vulnerabilities in your IT with penetration testing. Seal your security envelope against cyber threats better with risk assessments from the best cyber security company in Markham.

Vulnerability Assessments

Understand what security flaws have the potential to impact your operations and compromise company data. Get personalized IT vulnerability assessment for your business.

Anti-Phishing Security Training

Employees are some of the biggest vulnerabilities in an IT environment. Get training from IT experts on how to avoid simple mistakes that lead to cyber security incidents.

Network Access and Support

Stop hackers from breaching your network and accessing your data. We help you prevent misuse of data with access controls and network security.

Cloud Services

Leverage the power of the cloud while protecting your business from data loss and data theft with a Markham cyber security company.

Security Architecture Planning

Work with Certified Information Systems Security Professionals and implement impenetrable infrastructure.

Website Security

Safeguard your website against unauthorized access and protect customer data from being leaked online with one of the leading Markham cyber security firms.

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Why Our Cyber Security Solutions Are Different From Other Cybersecurity Companies in Markham

25 Years
of experience providing cybersecurity in Markham
2 Hours
For technicians to be at your GTA-based business
support from our security operations center

As Good as Having an In-House Cyber Security Team

Get responsive support with a local call center and techs at one of the only local cyber security companies in Markham.

What Makes Us One of the Leading Cyber Security Companies in Markham

Markham Cyber Security

Responsive Cyber Security Services Provided by a GTA-Based Team

Enjoy on-site technical support, just like you would expect from an in-house team, and prevent interruptions to your business.

At Fusion Computing, our technicians provide 24/7 incident response and cybersecurity support in Markham.

When you call us, you will speak to a Toronto-based team of techs. We offer remote support or our technicians can be on-site at your Markham business within two hours.

Resolve incidents with the help of experts with over 10 years of experience providing cyber security services and solutions.

Benefits of Choosing Us Over Other Markham IT Security Companies

Complete Protection for Your Entire IT Stack

Get comprehensive cyber security for your business, with a partner that can manage complex IT environments.

Unlike other cybersecurity firms in Markham, you will work with Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

We offer advanced security services, including:

  • Cloud Backup
  • Managed Network Backup Services
  • Business Continuity Planning

We work with small, mid-sized and large American and Canadian companies.

Don’t settle for another managed IT services provider – work with a cyber security specialist.

Markham Cyber Security Company
Cyber Security Companies in Markham

Regularly Assess Your Security Setup for Vulnerabilities

Your IT security can become porous when you are busy focusing on growing your business.

Make sure your systems are secure with regular security audits and compliance checks. Our security analysts apply necessary patches and updates to keep your data safe.

Our cybersecurity services in Markham provide immediate threat notifications with software such as:

  • Integrated antivirus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Spam detection

Our security operations center proactively updates these technologies to protect against emerging threats.

Control Who Can Access Your Data and Prevent Data Breaches

Even a minor data loss incident can cause downtime and irreparable harm to a business’s reputation.

Protect your data and keep your business growth on track, with one of the leading Markham cybersecurity companies.

Protect your data from unauthorized users with technologies such as:

  • Mandatory multi-factor authentication
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Data encryption
  • User access privileges

Experienced a system failure or security breach? Get up and running within 60 minutes with the help of our backup and resiliency systems.

Markham Cyber Security Companies
Fusion Computing

Cyber Security in Markham

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Complete Managed IT Security Services

Get comprehensive cyber security services for your business from one of the most trusted Markham cybersecurity companies.

Get Local Tech Support

Speak to a Toronto-based technician who knows your business and understands your concerns.

On-Site in 2 Hours

Trust us like you would an in-house team, with technicians who can visit you in Markham, Ontario within two hours.
Contact Fusion Computing today for your cyber security requirements.

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