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Protect your business with security solutions from one of Toronto’s top managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Looking for IT security managed services that align with your business strategy?

Get customized cybersecurity solutions crafted by security experts. We monitor your systems in real time and identify vulnerabilities to protect you from future threats.

Why choose Fusion Computing for your Managed IT Cybersecurity Services:

  • 100% success rate with zero breaches.
  • 24/7 IT managed security services means your data is always protected.
  • All of Fusion Computing’s team members have industry standard (ISC)² certifications, including CISSP, SSCP and CCSP.
  • Our in-house security team is located in the GTHA and can reach your business within 2-4 hours.
  • Protect your business from data breaches, scams, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber attacks & threats.
  • Give your employees the training they need to avoid cyber threats and keep systems secure.
  • Experienced security analysts protect your sensitive information with customized intelligence services.
  • Mandatory two-factor and multi-factor authentication along with data encryption ensure the safety of your data.

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Our Clients Say We Provide the Best Managed IT Security

Our Clients Say We Provide the Best Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security Services You Can Depend On

IT Security Consulting
Endpoint Detection
Data Loss Prevention
Event Management
Network Access Control
Orchestration Automation
Threat Intelligence
Cloud Email Security
Threat Monitoring
24/7 Incident Response

IT Security Consulting

Consult with experienced IT security analysts and cyber-security architects to create customized cybersecurity solutions that fit your business. No matter how complex your systems, we will find a way to protect your system without breaking your budget.

If you need a security upgrade, we’ll assess your current IT needs and offer suggestions tailored to your business. Consulting an expert will also ensure that you maintain compliance across all your IT assets and avoid costly fines.

Fusion Endpoint Detection and Response Service (EDR)

EDR provides real-time detection and response to threats both known and unknown. Stop breaches and improve performance using the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) from your devices. Continuous raw event recording ensures your devices are protected from attacks:

  • Threat Hunting actively searches for problems waiting within your network
  • Smart prioritization of malware attacks decreases response times
  • AI-powered architecture allows for near-immediate threat investigations

Fusion Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Use Fusion’s DLP services to prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. Our team ensures that the Security Profiles discussed in the firewall are aligned with proper DLP rules. Using unified threat management (UTM) features, content won’t be able to post to insecure HTTP websites, keeping your data secure.

While Fusion’s DLP is able to detect sensitive data, it’s primarily designed to prevent unnecessary communication, even from SaaS to SaaS

Fusion Managed Security Information and Event Management (Managed SIEM)

SIEM solutions centralize, search, and display your security data in an organized way to help reduce risk in your organization. With more visibility into data, you’ll be able to easily spot risks and proactively resolve issues before they can cause major problems for your business.

Fusion’s SEIM solutions can organize data from across your organization including:

  • Network devices
  • Servers
  • Domain controllers
  • And much, much more

Fusion Network Access Control (NAC)

Fusion’s Network Access Control service is designed to enhance your organization’s network security by deploying endpoint security to protect your valuable data and resources against rogue devices or hackers.

All NAC policies are customized to your organization and designed to ensure full security compliance.

Fusion Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

Fusion’s SOAR solution is an enterprise-built workbench that streamlines your security by promoting efficiency and allowing for faster responses.

Backed by our Toronto-based Security Operations Center (SOC) team, you’ll be able to deploy automated playbooks, customizable security operations, and incident triaging to defend and counter threats against your organization.

Fusion Threat Intelligence Service (TI)

Threat Intelligence is the collection and analysis of data to understand a threat actor’s motivation, targets, and behaviour. Armed with this information, we’ll help you respond to these issues and proactively address any threats you may encounter.

Knowledge is power, and without the right information, business stakeholders and decision-makers wouldn’t be able to make wise data-driven decisions about their information security.

Fusion Cloud Email Security

Fusion’s cloud email security services scans images, files, and links for malicious content, malware, and phishing. It also protects against spoofing to mitigate fraudulent phishing within the organization.

Fusion Cloud Email Security delivers essential malware, phishing, and spam protection, while Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides Safe Links, Safe Attachments and Anti-Phishing Policies.

Email security services integrate with both G-Suite and Office 365.

Fusion Vulnerability Detection and Management Service (VDM)

VDM is a security technology designed to automatically identify, evaluate, resolve, and report vulnerabilities & security events within your business’s systems and software. This type of threat detection software eliminates the need for lengthy scans that tend to slow down your business.

This process is essential to our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). The VDM compiles network events for a deeper look into your system’s vulnerabilities, increasing your overall internal security.

Fusion Incident Management (IcM)

Fusion’s incident management services go beyond simple alerts and warnings. We proactively block vulnerable applications right away to eliminate recurring threats and protect your data.

Integrated security services include:

  • Antivirus (endpoint and network)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Web filtering
  • Email filtering, including protection against spam and grayware
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Application Control
  • Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)
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What Makes Our Managed IT Security Services Different?

success rate with 0 breaches.
50 million
event logs processed per day.
support from local security operations centers.
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24/7 IT Security Monitoring and Management

24/7 IT Security Monitoring and Management

Our on-site team of local techs will constantly monitor your systems for unmatched, 24/7 data protection.

  • We Never Outsource
    All your data is maintained in-house, so you’ll always know where information is stored.

Plus, our team of cybersecurity experts are located in Toronto for immediate security response.

Recover from Any Breach Within Minutes

Although we’ve never been breached, we know you need to depend on more than just a track record of success.

We’ll keep your systems fully backed up, and in the event of an unlikely breach, you’ll be restored to full operations within minutes.

You get the benefit of robust protection and instant disaster recovery capability – so you can focus on business, while we handle the security.

Recover from Any Breach Within Minutes
Unmatched Managed IT Security Services

Unmatched Managed IT Security Services

Fusion Computing is a unique managed security service provider (MSSP) that aligns IT with your business strategy to create security solutions perfectly suited for your business’s unique needs.

  • Software Integrations
    Antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam software is integrated into your systems for automatic intrusion detection.
  • Regular Security Audits
    Experienced IT security specialists proactively monitor and scan your systems to uncover vulnerabilities introduced by new technology and processes, as well as to ensure compliance and that your information is protected to the highest standards. Our team will also prepare a security baseline for establishing hardened policies and standards and validate your current IT strategy.
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