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Logistics Company Cuts Costs Through IT Solutions

Company: Mid-Size Logistics & Transportation Company in Toronto & Ohio

Overview: This company approached Fusion to engage in a competitive bid because they were dissatisfied with the way their IT needs were being met. The client was looking to achieve stability in their IT costs and partner with a provider whose technical abilities inspired confidence.

Business Challenge:

  • Unpredictable variability in monthly billing
  • Accumulating technical debt
  • Slow resolution rates
  • Feeling that security concerns were not being addressed
  • Internal IT Department inundated with level 1 support requests and unable to prioritize their own goals.
  • Internal IT busy maintaining the business instead of moving business technology and process forwards.


Fusion’s approach with this client was multi-pronged. We first brought their IT up to the Fusion Standard, introducing appropriate hardware across multiple sites and installed reasonable security agents on their systems. We took over management of level 1 and 2 support, maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure. Biweekly vCIO calls allow us to build a shared vision for IT. These calls instill confidence in the adopted IT strategy and prevent unexpected IT costs through short- and long-term planning that serves their business needs. They also allow us to remediate issues and use our experience to build and deploy technical solutions as the company grows.


By eliminating a number of unknowns, the client is no longer blindsided by unexpected and highly variable IT costs. With our SLA, they’ve seen measurable reductions to resolution times and high visibility when issues arise. A co-managed IT (CoMIT) relationship has taken the weight of support and maintenance off the internal IT department and allowed them to focus on their own IT load and business goals. They’ve also experienced increased efficiencies through regular vCIO meetings to build out business processes with technology, introducing automation to the staff with a continuous improvement model.