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What IT Solutions would help you run your business better? We offer a full range of IT Solutions, including unique offerings such as Wi-Fi event rental, hosted email and cybersecurity management and point-to-point internet. No matter what you need, Fusion gets it right the first time.

virtual cio

Managed IT Services

Fusion offers fully managed IT services. That means we design, install and maintain all of the IT that supports…

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fusion computing services

24/7 IT Support

Look to us for 24/7 emergency services and help desk support. Stop worrying and know Fusion will be there to handle…

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virtual cio

Strategic Consulting

Our Toronto IT consultants will assess your current IT needs, and deploy technology that meets your business goals and…

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IT assessment and planning

The Fusion team offers a complete on-site assessment with recommendations for your entire IT infrastructure…

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security management

Endpoint and Security Management

As security becomes an ever growing concern, Fusion offers clients a complete policy-based endpoint protection management…

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internet set up

Infrastructure set up and maintenance

We will design, install and maintain a tailored IT infrastructure that meets your specific needs-both for today and for the future…

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Virtual CIO Services (vCIO)

A vCIO will expose critical issues that an in-house IT team would have missed and set your IT department to run at optimum.

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cloud services

Cloud Services

Our team can help you evaluate all the opportunities that can make your business more nimble by utilizing cloud services…

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point to point internet

Point-to-point services

A specialized Fusion offering, we can implement point to point wireless to support your backup service demands…

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structured cabling

Structure Cabling

As a full-service managed provider, Fusion offers best practice telecom and network cabling services for all environments…

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Wi-Fi event rentals

Fusion quietly puts a professional face on your event with its Wi-Fi rental services…

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it purchase

Wholesale hardware pricing and provisioning

We handle end-to-end IT purchasing and offer competitive rates compared to pricing through standard retail channels…

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hosted email

Hosted Email

Fusion offers hosted email services and cloud email from a variety of vendors Microsoft, Google…

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IT solutions TorontoIT solutions in Toronto need to be cutting-edge. Additionally, they need to be effective and efficiently managed. Finally, they should be affordable. But there is a limit to affordability. If you spend $20 on some cheap antivirus software, but a virus undermines your system, you may lose thousands. Your $20 was wasted. Meanwhile, if you spend $300 with an MSSP and manage to avoid a $1000 loss, then you actually saved $700 with your $300 investment. Before, you spent $20 and lost $980+. After, you spent $300 and retained $700.

There’s certainly an event horizon after which what you pay for security isn’t requisite to its protection, but there are many agencies beneath this event horizon who have specifically designed their services to comprehensively and cost-effectively protect your business. These are called MSSPs or managed security services providers. Such organizations have consolidated methodology and streamlined their approach in order to protect businesses small and large. But determining which one is the best for your business can be difficult. Several factors are worthy of consideration:

  • MSSPs should help train staff
  • Look for MSSPs that have their own network secured
  • User access portals for systems monitoring
  • Clear and apparent SLAs (service license agreements)

Toronto IT Solutions

Staff Training

It turns out the largest number of security breaches come from inside a business.  IT solutions in Toronto of the MSSP variety need to train employees against this. Proper passwords which include diverse characters, numerals, letters, and order must be designed and updated regularly. Restrictions of online access privileges may be in order, depending on the size of your business and the savvy of your staff. Look for an MSP that has the right people and can help protect you from your own.

A Secure Network

Your MSSP should have a secure network on their end. There’s a double liability situation here. In America, a healthcare business which isn’t HIPAA will be penalized in the event of a security breach. But additionally, the MSP running their IT will also face charges. This is called shared liability. Well, that street goes both ways. A client who isn’t following the rules can negatively impact an MSP or MSSP, but an MSSP who doesn’t have a secure network will have clients that are compromised. Additionally, a hacker who gets the “keys to the kingdom” from an MSSP can hack multiple businesses easily. So you want to ensure whoever you go with has designed a secure network.

User Access Portal

You’re going to want to monitor the status of your system as operations move forward. You’ll want to make sure everything is secure. Certainly, the professionals know what they’re doing, but having a user access portal you can monitor your system from is a lot like having a dipstick in your car’s engine. You can check the oil when you need to, and see if a mechanic should be called.

Clear SLA

The service license agreement you sign should be understandable, readable, and straightforward. This almost goes without saying.

Reliable Toronto IT Solutions

IT solutions in Toronto through Fusion Computing Limited feature clear SLAs, accessible user portals, a secure network, and information which can help train employees in best practices. Contact us for security solutions you can count on.