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Are Network Downtime & Vulnerability Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Our computer network support specialists will improve your network performance, and secure your data from hackers.

Why choose Fusion Computing for IT network support in North York?:

  • 24/7/365 network support to help you resolve issues whenever they occur.
  • Receive complete, real-time visibility of your entire network through a custom-built dashboard.
  • Protect your network from cybersecurity threats with 24/365 monitoring, software, and training.
  • Continuous network monitoring and business network support to proactively address and resolve any network issues.

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SMBs Trust Our Computer Network Support in North York

SMBs Trust Our Computer Network Support in North York

See What Our Clients Say About Our Computer Network Support Specialists

See What Our Clients Say About Our Computer Network Support Specialists

Network Support Services, North York

Network Support
IT Helpdesk
Real-Time Threat Detection
Network Security
Complete System Visibility
Secure Hosting
Quick Response Time
Device Management

Network Support

Our computer network support specialists monitor your systems 24/365, and proactively deploy updates and fixes before anyone on your team notices an issue.

We don’t patch symptoms. Your network support experts at Fusion Computing find and fix root cause issues – eliminating recurring issues for good.

IT Helpdesk

Get Access to a 24/365 help desk to quickly address all of your IT network issues & tickets the moment they happen.

Your team shouldn’t need to be bothered with fixing downtime and responding to tickets, so let us handle that, and get your team focused on the business.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Our computer network consultants monitor & identify security threats in real-time, and deploy corrective actions before a breach occurs.

We’ll mitigate threats, so your team can focus on tasks and running the business, while your company data stays protected.

Network Security

Leverage the expertise of our computer network support specialists to protect your network from cyber security vulnerabilities.

Benefit from a variety of network security services, including:

  • Cyber Security Software
  • Cyber Security Training
  • IT Security Consulting
  • IT Security Auditing
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Managed Cyber Security Services
  • And many more

Complete System Visibility

Get complete visibility into your network performance with a custom dashboard, and use the insights to optimize network performance and availability.

Secure Hosting

We partner with leading data centers in North America to ensure that your business-critical data is always protected, and accessible to you whenever you need it.

Quick Response Time

Round-the-clock network support services and network support technicians work to swiftly resolve your network issues.

  • 1-Hour Average: We have an average response time of one hour for critical IT issues.
  • 93% in Under an Hour: Over 93% of IT issues are resolved in less than 1 hour by our computer network support North York team.

Once the immediate issue is resolved and you hang up the phone, our team digs in with a root-cause analysis, and fixes the problem at its source – so your team never faces the same issue twice.

Device Management

Our senior network support technicians ensure the safety of your physical devices by monitoring logins and app downloads on your network, while raising the alarm on any suspicious activity.

Our Numbers

Partner With Fusion Computing To Improve Your Network Performance

Our network support specialists and network support services ensure that your networks are running at optimal levels and swiftly resolve any issues that arise.
12+ Years
Of experience providing North York IT Support
Average reduction of IT issues within your first 3 months
Assistance from our local Network Support Services in North York

Eliminate Cyber Security Threats With Proactive Network Monitoring

Our computer network consultants regularly monitor your network to identify security vulnerabilities and fix any gaps, ensuring the ongoing security of your network.

Case Studies
Optimize Network Performance and Security in North Folk

Optimize Network Performance and Security With Continuous Monitoring

Fusion Computing’s network support and maintenance services, use integrated tools to monitor and send alerts to network technicians, 24/365.

Our network IT specialists will proactively monitor vulnerabilities and fix issues, so that they don’t impact your IT infrastructure and business.

Swift Resolution Of Network Issues With 24/365 Support

Our senior network support specialists have years of expertise providing best-in-class network support services for businesses of all types.

We are trained to take care of all your IT network requirements. Our team monitors your network round-the-clock to eliminate IT downtime and improve system performance.

Swift Resolution Of Network Issues North Folk
Iron-Clad Network Security To Safeguard Your Business

Iron-Clad Network Security To Safeguard Your Business

A security incident can have adverse effects on your business, ranging from loss of sensitive customer data to loss of revenue.

Our network security services ensure that your data is secure across the company, so your team can focus on work without fearing an accidental breach.

As one of the leading networking companies in North York, we constantly monitor your network and fix vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

In the event of a security breach, our backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure that your data is quickly recovered.

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