10 Benefits to Infrastructure Outsourcing

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You can reduce operational cost when you outsource your IT infrastructure. Outsourcing lets you plug into state-of-the-art technology and an environment that supports continuous improvement and high productivity.

The IT infrastructure outsource market is set to reach $101.1 Billion in 2021, a significant climb from $91.2 in 2018. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider infrastructure outsourcing.

Why You Should Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

1. Flexibility and access to new technology

Top performing businesses often keep up with the growing changes and improvements in IT solutions.

That includes deploying and managing:

  • network access points
  • servers and hardware
  • security features (ex.firewalls, anti-malware and monitoring solutions)

When you switch to new technology, you not only increase efficiency but also the reliability of your infrastructure in mission-critical business processes.

An IT company can give you access to the latest solutions that will breathe new efficiencies into your business – and at a bargain too.

2. Trained experienced experts at your disposal

Managed services are part of the package with outsourced IT infrastructure services. You get the benefit of a senior IT team, without having to deal with recruiting, training, salaries, bonuses, and employee retention.

You hand over the management of your IT functions to an expert team of experienced professionals. The managed service provider will have the solutions for all your business needs when it comes to IT.

From security and support, to network and data centre management services, the best vendor will help you increase your ROI from IT investments.

3. Cost-cutting

For small businesses, IT infrastructure outsourcing stands out as a cost effective way to level up  IT performance.

At your disposal you have IT resources from vendors and managed service providers. You can choose to scale your business, paying only for the business-critical IT assets.

You also save significantly on labour costs when a third party does your IT administration, monitoring and management. With these supportive services, you can keep your headcount lean and slash down payroll costs. Your internal IT team gets to focus on your core business, without getting distracted and dragged down by complex IT challenges.

4. Keep Pace with Your Competitors

Large businesses have advanced resources to stay ahead with advanced technology and systems. Many new technologies require a team to roll-out, and constant monitoring. This leaves many small businesses incapable of deploying new technology.

To keep pace, Small businesses can outsource IT services. From platform as a service infrastructure solutions to fully managed IT, you can develop business-specific solutions with faster deployment, and high scalability and availability – without needing to hire a large team.


5. Reduced risks

The best businesses understand how to capitalize on IT strategies to reduce risks in the business environment, including market competition, regulation and financial conditions. Outsourcing IT infrastructure and services to experts can help you solve your business challenges.

A competent IT infrastructure outsource vendor can help to solve technical requirements, security and compliance issues. They can help with service desk functions, including IT policy formulation and implementation, issue resolution and infrastructure maintenance to reduce costs and downtimes.

6. Scalability

Subcontracting your IT infrastructure management empowers you to respond appropriately to the growing needs of your business. Infrastructure as service (IaaS) clients can always get more computing power, storage and faster connectivity during peak months.

You can similarly scale back on your IT resources during off-peak seasons. This agility and improved service delivery can help to keep your business running optimally and efficiently using IT resources.

7. Strategic consulting

Do your IT and business strategies align? Does your IT have the potential to accelerate your business goals from production efficiency to product quality, and customer experience? If your answer to these questions is ‘no,’ you could benefit from an IT infrastructure consultation.

The experts will come in and analyze your business – they will make recommendations and suggest how you can remove IT bottlenecks and meet growth goals with appropriate investments.

8. Up to the minute monitoring

Even though there are automated solutions for real time IT infrastructure monitoring, they may never deliver the full service (ex. Performance tracking and security are often overlooked).

You may not always have someone on your team available to jump in and support the environment during an outage or system slowdown.

A managed service provider will have someone available 24/7, so you don’t have to keep extra staff just to cover the off hours.

9. Better business integration

Communication between your different departments should flow seamlessly. Collaboration and knowledge sharing should happen without hesitation. Your employees should meet deadlines on the go or out of office. All of these scenarios require strong integrated networking.

Setting up an integrated network with seamless central management is a difficult task for most organizations.

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure makes it easier to have centralized management of your network and resources. Your IT provider will set up a system for centralized management and control of your entire network.

10. Regulatory compliance

It’s an expensive and time consuming effort to achieve compliance within your industry regulations.  Outsourcing your IT can help speed up the process. The vendor or MSP can aid in compliance policy formulation and implementation.

From security controls to monitoring, incident response and reporting. The MSP will do all the heavy lifting, helping you get ready for audits so you can qualify for the necessary certifications and accreditations.

You can stay one step ahead in business by getting infrastructure outsourcing services from a dependable vendor.  At Fusion Computing, we can give you the support of an IT department for less than the cost of a full time in-house IT person. Let’s show you how.