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The Fusion Managed Service is a unique service offering, only from Fusion Computing.

The Fusion Managed Service is charged per user, and is everything that’s needed to manage the IT for your business.

At a minimum, the Fusion Managed Service contains:

– Office365 migration to our Canadian Tenant
– Office365 Legal hold and unlimited retention/backup
– ADSync setup
– 2 Factor authentication whereever possible.
– Upgrade to the latest and most secure versions of all software
– Upgrade to manageable and supported networking and servers
– CyberSecurity Package
– Business Continuity and backup solution
– New Firewall included for no additional cost
– 8-5 m-f 1 hr sla Unlimited IT Support
– Full environment audit and reporting
– Greatly increase employee productivity
– Ongoing business consulting
– Discounts on Projects and MACD going forward