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Security threats are on the rise. Secure your data and applications with outstanding cyber security in Etobicoke.

Why choose Fusion Computing for Etobicoke cyber security?

  • Proven security solutions from a company that’s never had a client breach in 10+ years.
  • Meet and eliminate threats head-on with 24/7 proactive network monitoring and fast incident response.
  • Protect your data from being held at ransom with regular backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans.
  • In the event of a breach, your sensitive data is still inaccessible to thieves thanks to our encryption.
  • Bolster your first line of defence–empower employees with training from subject matter experts and security specialists.

Implement a multi-layered cyber security framework in your Etobicoke business and safeguard it from existing and emerging cyber threats.

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We’re a Preferred Etobicoke Cyber Security Company

We’re a Preferred Etobicoke Cyber Security Company



4 Pillars of Fusion

IT Strategy

Sync IT with growth objectives, prepare long-term roadmaps, and streamline systems with Senior Business Technology Specialists.


Cyber Security

Deploy a multi-layered security architecture organization-wide that encompasses all areas of the threat landscape.


Business Resilience

Prepare for all worst-case scenarios and ensure business continuity with the latest disaster strategies and best practices.


IT Support

Maximize uptime with 24x7x365 technical support from experienced, trained, local technicians. Our average issue resolution time is <1 hour.


Comprehensive Cyber Security in Etobicoke

Managed Security Services
Security Audits
Cloud Security
Security Architecture Design
Security Awareness Training
Network Security
Intrusion Detection
Penetration Testing

Managed Security Services

Security management for the entire IT stack with full-time threat monitoring, security consulting and solutions with comprehensive reports.

Security Audits

Our assessments will identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your security. We provide thorough testing you won’t get from other cyber security firms in Etobicoke.

Cloud Security

Protect private, public, and hybrid cloud environments with one of the top cyber security companies in Etobicoke. We’ll secure your cloud services against breaches, theft, deletion and other risks.

Security Architecture Design

Safeguard your IT with robust, multi-layered defences that address perimeter, network, endpoint, application, and data security.

Security Awareness Training

Give employees the knowledge to spot and report threats with anti-phishing training, infosec training while getting invaluable assistance from our security specialists.

Network Security

With protection against SQL injections, man-in-the-middle, DDoS, and other attacks, our managed security services prevent the spread of infections and other dangers throughout your network.

Intrusion Detection

Ensure information security with advanced intrusion prevention from a proven Etobicoke cyber security company. Get real-time alerts for unauthorized activity, policy violations, and more.

Penetration Testing

Evaluate the security preparedness of your workstations, networks, firewalls, cloud-based and local applications, and take steps to close vulnerabilities.

Our Numbers

One of the Leading Cyber Security Companies in Etobicoke

Nobody can stand still in the cyber security business. Threats are constantly evolving and security solutions must stay on top of the latest hazard at all times. This is why we invest the time and resources to be the most up-to-date cyber security company in the field.

Fusion Computing has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted Etobicoke cyber security firms because of the humility with which we approach cyber security.

We don’t rest on our reputation. Our team of in-house experts maintains up-to-date certifications and training to stay as current as possible against ALL cyber security threats
20+ Years
Serving businesses in the Greater Toronto Area
Monitoring by one of the most trusted security companies in Toronto
Clients have experienced security breaches

Be Aware, Not Afraid of Malware

Keep your systems safe, cost-effectively, with threat remediation from one of the most technically capable Etobicoke IT security companies.

Case Studies
Cyber Security Company Etobicoke

Complete Protection From a Single IT Provider

It makes sense from a logistical and business perspective: get greater efficiency and effectiveness when you work with one company for your security and managed IT services.

Our Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) will help you build stout defences that other cyber security companies in Etobicoke can’t match.

Unlike other cyber security companies in Etobicoke, we don’t a “one and done” approach to security. We make sure you’re protected with an evolving, multi-layered security framework that fits your business.

Ensure Business Continuity With One of the Most Trusted Etobicoke Cyber Security Companies

Risks will never cease, but all-out cyber attacks are preventable – provided you put the right mitigation solutions in place.

When looking at Etobicoke cyber security firms, our customer service stands out. Our services include protecting you against ransomware, outages, natural disasters, and practically any other worst-case scenarios, by providing proven disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

You’ll sleep better knowing that your important data and applications are backed up regularly by one of the most experienced and trusted Etobicoke cyber security companies.

Etobicoke Cyber Security

Robust Security With Growth In Mind

Implement a right-sized cyber security framework that fits your workflows–not the other way around–with one of the most experienced cyber security firms in Etobicoke.

Starting with a comprehensive risk assessment, we’ll work with you to develop policies to make sure regulatory standards such as HIPAA, NIST, and PCI are met, while also meeting information security obligations to your customer’s data.

Unlike other cyber security companies in Etobicoke, we treat security as a holistic, integrated solution.

Fusion Computing

Cyber Security in Etobicoke

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Don’t let worries about data theft and ransomware keep you up at night. Work with one of the foremost Etobicoke IT security companies for 24/7 monitoring, intrusion protection, and disaster recovery.

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