Colocation Toronto

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Colocation TorontoThe era of aging infrastructures is upon us, so you need to convince your IT support provider in Toronto to move on to more modern IT solutions. If they don’t know about colocation or cloud services, you need to overhaul your IT team as well. These two developments have helped businesses expand services with better security and cost savings.

Rent Space Through Colocation

A colocation facility is a data center that shares physical space with customers who store their equipment at the facility. The two parties then share power, cooling, and communication costs. It allows you to maintain ownership and control of your equipment at an offsite facility, instead of building your own data center. You’ll be cutting costs and preparing for scalable business growth without worrying about floor space.

The equipment, such as servers, storage, and switches, is provided by you, while the data center provides the space. Your IT support team in Toronto will still need to manage and monitor your equipment and handle backing up your digital assets.

It’s a safe and strategic decision for a disaster recovery plan. In the event that your location has a power failure, your data will remain protected at another location. Just make sure the data center has a backup generator in case it has its own power outage. If you run a medical, legal or other business that stores sensitive information requiring HIPAA or PCI compliance, it’s an ideal solution.

Expand Resources Through Cloud Services

The main reason so many businesses are moving to the cloud is to cut costs, but there are other huge advantages to consider. The difference from colocation in Toronto is that the cloud service provider (CSP) owns the hardware and provides software services while charging you monthly fees. It allows you to stop investing in the high costs of technology that grows old and requires maintenance, upgrades, and replacements. All those savings can be redirected into other areas of your business, such as marketing.

Another benefit to turning to a CSP for your infrastructure is that the provider has a staff that works around the clock to help manage the equipment. That gives your IT team more time to focus on other important areas, such as exploring solutions to help make your business more efficient and productive. They’ll be able to test a wide range of software services that typically offer free short-term trials. Automation tools are also very useful in the cloud for reducing redundant tasks. Once you decide on the tools you need to enhance your business, simply pay for the services as you need them. It’s an ideal method for scaling your operation up or down.

Make sure your CSP is HIPAA and PCI-compliant and can show that it has passed a compliance audit. The provider should have proper certifications and a staff of seasoned specialists while adhering to robust security standards. Check the service level agreement (SLA) to be clear on the terms.

Colocation or Cloud Services Facility Toronto

Your business is on the right track if you work with an experienced IT support team in Toronto, along with a colocation or cloud services facility. Contact us at Fusion Computing Limited to learn more about how we can help you stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology.