The Advantages of Managed Services vs. Professional Services

In today’s market, businesses are becoming more reliant on information technology to carry out their processes. With new technologies emerging daily, it’s challenging for companies to maintain a competitive advantage in a landscape that’s continually evolving.  Understanding that there are high expectations to uphold, limited budgets to work with, and day-to-day business operations to fine-tune […]

The Main Advantages of MFA

Using multi-factor authentication (MFA) can prevent up to 99.9% of account hacks, says Microsoft. If that’s not enough reason for you to implement MFA in your organization, keep reading to learn about the other benefits of multi-factor authentication.   Before We Get Into the Pros and Cons of MFA, Let’s Understand What it Is MFA […]

The Difference Between MFA and 2FA

MFA and 2FA, or to use the full terms, multi-factor authentication and two-factor authentication, are terms used in cyber security that are often used interchangeably yet have a subtle but important difference.   2FA vs. MFA: Are You Asking the Right Question? First, let’s cover the definitions. Authentication is a security process that verifies a […]

Infrastructure Security Best Practices

Cyber attacks are an ongoing threat to infrastructure security, carrying the risk of disrupting operations, getting in the way of customer service and causing damage to a company’s reputation. It is one thing to respond effectively to a security breach, when you have no choice to give it your full attention. However, businesses aren’t always […]

Best Virtual Desktop Services for Small Businesses

With more businesses moving to remote working setups, virtual desktop solutions are taking centre stage. Not all virtual desktop infrastructure is made the same, however, and it’s important to identify the best virtual desktop solution that suits your organization. There has been significant innovation in the virtual desktop space in recent years, including the emergence […]

Network Security Testing Protocols

Network security testing is the general term used to refer to activities that involve testing the security of wired and wireless network devices, DNS and servers and identifying their potential vulnerabilities. Done right, network security testing helps a business to protect against data breaches by plugging gaps in the network’s defenses. Network security testing can […]

What to Include in Your Network Security Audit

In order for your network to remain strong and protected, you need to perform a network security audit at least once per year. But what is an audit and how do you perform one? Security audits are a type of security assessment that IT teams use to make sure their network is secure from any […]

What is Network Infrastructure?

You’ll hear the words ‘network infrastructure’ used at virtually every technical meeting but not sure exactly what is a network infrastructure? Here’s a simple network infrastructure definition: Network infrastructure includes the array of hardware and software that connects users, processes, applications, services and external networks to enable the network connectivity, communications, operations and management required […]

Do You Need an IT Infrastructure Strategy? (and how to build one)

An IT infrastructure strategy for modernization is front and center for many business leaders today. They either see an opportunity to save costs by streamlining their IT setup, understand it can be the key to innovation, want their business to move on from outdated tech and stay relevant, or all of the above. Whatever the […]

Why You Need an Ironclad Business IT Strategy

An IT strategy is a critical element of overall business strategy for virtually any company that wants to ensure smooth day-to-day operations while working successfully towards achieving its business goals. What Is an IT Strategy? Here’s a concise IT strategy definition: it is a plan of the company’s intentions related to the use of technology […]