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Get expert guidance on upgrading and implementing technology that meets your business goals.

Are complex technology needs getting in the way of growing your business?

The IT consultants at our Toronto IT Company will assess your current IT needs, and deploy technology that meets your business goals and budget.

  • End Delays & Cost Overruns by using our consultants to properly complete IT projects the first time.
  • Cut Wasted IT Spending and stay within your IT budget by making your IT costs predictable.
  • Avoid Costly Fines & Liability by achieving 100% compliance across every IT asset.

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Our Clients

Our Clients



Our Toronto IT Consulting Services

IT Architecture
IT Transformation
Project Management

IT Architecture Consulting

Build IT Systems that Meet Your Growing Needs and Tight Budgets

  • Use our IT architecture consulting services to solve specific technical challenges, or implement a large-scale IT system from scratch, no matter the complexity!
  • Before proposing large projects, we’ll audit your existing IT set-up to find IT solutions to your business problems without draining your budget.
  • We’ll design your IT infrastructure to achieve a solid return-on-investment (ROI) in the near and long-term.

IT Transformation Consulting

Deploy New Technologies that Improve Team Productivity

  • Use our IT transformation consulting team to configure new technologies (e.g., automation) & equip your internal IT team to tackle more day-to-day IT tasks without hiking your spend.

IT Network Consulting

Put an End to Network Downtime

  • Use our IT network consulting services to stop downtime
    from eating into staff productivity and company revenue.
  • Equip your team to respond to network problems faster by giving them the visibility and right tools (such
    as automation) to spot and fix problems early.
  • We have network support experts on staff with certifications from Cisco, Dell, HP, Fortinet, and Juniper.
  • In addition to optimizing network performance and reliability, we devote a heavy focus on network & cyber security to shield you from both cyber threats and compliance troubles

IT Project Management Consulting

Eliminate Delays & Cost Overruns in Critical IT Projects

  • Eliminate costly mistakes in your deployment by using our IT project management consulting team.
  • We bring a full team of veteran project managers & project coordinators to the table who understand your challenges.
  • We’ll own the project from start-to-finish, and keep you in the loop at every step so that you hold us accountable.
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What Makes Our Toronto IT Consulting Services Different?

10+ Years
Of Toronto IT Consulting Experience in Cyber Security, Compliance, & Infrastructure.
We’ve done IT consulting work for 150+ companies (& rising) in Toronto and the GTA.
Issues Resolved on the First Call.
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Case Studies

Get a Plan for IT that Fits Your Business

Wish someone had designed your IT support systems to prevent the problems (and costs) you’re running into today?

Then leverage our IT strategy consulting, vCIO services, and IT Helpdesk solutions to align your technology needs to your business goals.

  • Plan your business expansion (e.g., new offices, work sites, etc.)
  • Solve your business technology problems
  • Audit your existing IT system
    Identify bottlenecks and other inefficiencies in your business processes
  • Secure executive buy-in for critical technology projects

Prevent Revenue Loss From Cyber Attacks & Fines

Prevent hefty regulatory fines and legal liability issues by reaching 100% compliance across your entire IT system.

Our IT risk consulting team will identify gaps in your technology stack and fix vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Avoid costly downtime, overtime pay, lawsuits, and all of the other write-downs from cyber breaches by using Fusion’s IT security consulting services.

IT consulting services toronto

Retire Your Vulnerable & Outdated Technology

Don’t let a limited IT budget stop you from retiring out-of-date technology or insecure servers, software, and other IT systems.

Our IT technology consulting teams will phase out and replace outdated systems with technology that is easier to manage or outsource IT, cheaper to support, and in full compliance with your security needs.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Idea Factor

See how a busy call center eliminated costly IT downtime and overcame compliance restrictions that were getting in the way of business growth.

North American Logistics Company

See how an SMB slashed their IT costs by 23% and improved ticket resolution times by 46%

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Tired of Unpredictable Month-to-Month IT Spending?

We’ll give a plan to grow into, predictable budgets, and technology that meets your business goals.

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