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Enable Higher Performance & Reliability With Fusion’s Network Support

Your IT is the backbone of your operations. Ensure peak system performance with Fusion’s network support.

Why choose Fusion Computing for IT network support in Etobicoke?

  • Improve your employee and customer involvement with a fast, stable network with superior uptime.
  • Reinforce security and ensure compliance with our assessment, consulting, network support and maintenance.
  • 24/7 monitoring with computer network support means issues are identified quickly, with fast remediation, before they become a problem.
  • Have peace of mind with a business network support team that’s never had a cyber that’s never had a cybersecurity breach at a client.
  • Maintain awareness of all ticket items with a custom dashboard for technical support requests.

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Businesses That Entrust Their Network to Our Etobicoke IT Support Team

Businesses That Entrust Their Network to Our Etobicoke IT Support Team

Businesses That Entrust Their Network to Our Etobicoke IT Support Team

Businesses That Entrust Their Network to Our Etobicoke IT Support Team

Comprehensive Network Support Services in Etobicoke

Remote and On-site Support

You’ll have access to remote tech support whenever there is a problem. For more pressing hardware and software issues, we’ll arrive on-site for quick resolution.

24/7 Network Operations Center

Based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), our expert support team are monitoring your network 24/7 to catch and resolve network issues before they become a problem.


Network Security

Enjoy total coverage and total peace of mind. Our network security services include in-house analysts who provide threat intelligence and monitoring for unauthorized computer users and intrusion attempts.



Our qualified network support technicians will help your employees solve issues and get back to work faster.

Cloud and Virtual Assets

Leverage the full potential of cloud services with a team that supports private, on-prem, and virtualized infrastructure.

End-User Management

We protect endpoints, train users with security protocols, and guard against privilege escalation and unauthorized access.

Cabling and Wireless Setup

Eliminate cabling and configurations with a team that will set up LANs and wide-area networks, all computer systems, cables, and other network equipment.

Network and Infrastructure Design

Gain a competitive advantage by identifying and implementing leading-edge networking solutions with an experienced team.

IT Procurement

Our industry relationships and experience bring you the best and most cost-effective network equipment available.

4 Pillars of Fusion

IT Strategy

Work with Senior Business Technology Specialists with 20+ years of experience. Together, we’ll prepare long-term IT roadmaps and predictable IT budgets.

Cyber Security

Secure systems organization-wide with a multi-layer approach to cyber security. Experience robust protection with overlapping layers of security and visibility.

Business Resilience

Identify and correct vulnerabilities, maintain business operations and avoid downtime with the latest disaster strategies and best practices.

IT Support

Minimize downtime with 24x7x365 support from experienced, trained, and local technicians offering over 95% same-day resolution.

Our Numbers

Our Computer Network Consultants Will Help Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

6 Minutes
Average response time for IT issues
Of issues addressed on the first call
2 hours
For our team to address critical IT issues at your GTA location

Top Network Support Services in Etobicoke

IT Network Support Etobicoke

A Network Services Company That Never Sleeps

If you’re not on top of the network at all times, problems will crop up.

Your network is made up of many parts that work as a synergistic whole. If one component fails, performance suffers. That’s why our expert network support technicians ensure routers, switches, firewalls, and servers perform optimally.

We also offer networking support for cloud computing as part of our service.

Whether there are issues with Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) or computer problems, resolve issues faster with Fusion’s top IT and computer network support specialists.

Protecting Data is Our Top Priority

The best peace of mind comes from knowing your systems are being actively monitored for unauthorized access, DDoS attacks, malware, and other cyberattacks.

It’s why we provide real-time security alerts and organization-wide coverage for all computer equipment and associated information technology systems.

Count on our computer network support specialists to keep your systems up-to-date, compliant with regulations, and above all, safe.

IT network support in Etobicoke
Etobicoke Computer Network Support Specialists

Proactive Support With Faster Service

As one of the top networking companies in Etobicoke, Fusion understands how recurring IT issues can plague any company.

Rather than employ a band-aid to get things running, we get to the root cause of problems and fix issues to ensure long-term reliability.

Count on Fusion Computing to assess, overhaul, and solve your IT issues. If we cannot resolve your issues remotely, a technician can be at your GTA premises within two hours.

Enhancing Your Network While Cutting Costs

Fusion’s experienced network support specialists can save you money in several ways:

  • Take advantage of our many industry vendor relationships where we have volume discounts with several top hardware and software developers.
  • Leverage our flat-rate pricing model to make your IT costs predictable, with no surprises. We know you prefer a consistent monthly operating expense, and we deliver.
  • You’ll get support for executive buy-in and assistance in getting maximum value out of an agreed-upon budget.
computer network support in Etobicoke
Fusion Computing

Network Support Services in Etobicoke

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Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

Recurring issues and frequent network outages can affect your business’s growth. With the right support, you can expect much more from your system

Fusion’s network support specialists are there to give you a solid base on which you can build your business.

Whether you are a large established firm or a new small business, you’ll experience the same outstanding customer service from our dedicated team.

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