What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

As an IT professional, you know how important security and risk management are to your networks’ infrastructure and the company’s information security. You should also know that to keep the integrity and security of your network, you need to carry out regular cyber security vulnerability assessments. What Is a Vulnerability Assessment? A vulnerability assessment is […]

How to Conduct Network Pen Testing

What is penetration testing in network security? Network penetration testing, often shortened to pen testing, is the process of finding potential security vulnerabilities in networks, systems and applications by getting network penetration testers, or ethical hackers, to see if they can break through your cyber defenses using real-world techniques. What are the network penetration testing […]

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Best Practices

If there was ever a reason needed to perform a vulnerability assessment of your systems this would be it–nearly 80% of Canadian businesses experienced a successful cyber attack last year. Knowing what vulnerability assessment methodology you should employ is key to closing gaps in your security. Vulnerability scanners are automated tools that create inventories of […]

Sample Security Assessment Report

Business cybersecurity is a constantly evolving challenge that requires outpacing hackers and other malicious actors seeking to access your systems and cause disruption and loss. One of the key lines of defence in securing a business is plugging any weak spots in the network, and finding those vulnerabilities is best done through an IT security […]

Common Mistakes Leading to Public Breaches that Cost You Money

                  In June, CPA Ontario (Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario) announced they had been breached, the data of nearly 330 thousand individuals were posted online. Names, addresses’, emails and employment information were stolen, leaving these people vulnerable to phishing scams and other forms of attack. This is […]

A History of Endpoint Security into the Future

End-point security has been around for a long time; it was created to combat malicious software (malware) designed by Cyber Criminals to harm devices, networks or services. It started in the late 1980s with anti-virus software. It would require, an IT professional to install the software on a machine that would scan all data crossing […]

Password Security – Are Your Passwords Secure?

Password Security Is More Important Than Ever With the spark of the global pandemic we know as COVID-19, many employers have opted to have their staff work from home. With this comes the use of our home Wi-Fi; no longer being used just for entertainment; it is now the means to connect with our workplace […]